10 Characteristics of a Happy Person

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The secret to a healthy life is to be happy. And to be happy, we have to make happiness our ultimate goal at all times. Though there are some people who argue against this, I think that being happy in life makes life look much rosier.

To be happy in life, we have to use dedication, concentration and regular injection of inspiration to make our actions happy. There are many people in the world giving out negative vibes, who don’t believe in being happy. In addition to this, there are also many things and places that tend to drain your body of energy and in the process, make you feel unhappy.

Keeping all this in mind, I have done some research recently on the secrets of joyful and cheerful people. And the results are these ten characteristics that make a happy person.

1.Happy people always have happy friends. Remember the old proverb, birds of a feather flock together. Those having a positive and happy outlook to life understand and prefer the company of others with the same outlook to life.

2. Happy people usually know how to speak for themselves about what they feel and if they are not treated well. In addition to this, happy people tend to lead a life of integrity, are honest and sincere with others and themselves and always live according to their values.

3. Happy people love, and enjoy listening to music. Remember that music always makes the world go round, especially for happy people.

4. Happy people appreciate what they have and recognize the blessings that come their way. They know how to show appreciation and gratitude constantly.

5. As happy people receive and share lots of love, compassion and affection, they enjoy life better. And in the process, find that they can sleep better.

6. Happy people not only know how to eat well, they also know how to feed their body with great quality food. In addition to this, they also follow a regular exercise routine. This is because they believe in self care and work at reaching the epitome of mental and physical strength.

7. Happy people are both patient with people and things around them, and excitedly look forward to life everyday. They are always ready and welcome the adventures life offers them.

8. Happy people look for the best in themselves and in people around them as they are naturally optimistic. They know how to alter negative positions into positive ones.

9. Happy people know their purpose in life and live to their passions. It is because of this that they are always learning new things, and are open to new and fresh ideas.

10. Happy people are always ready to forgive themselves, and don’t beat themselves up for unavoidable mistakes. Being spiritual, they believe in the power of praying, and consider everything is possible and attainable through constant prayer.

So what kind of happy character are you? How many of these happy characteristics do you resonate ? Take a look at these points and go on ticking the points that describe you the best, and pay attention to the traits that you don’t check. This is when it is time for you to put on your thinking hat and wonder what you are going to do to get a tick for the point, and learn to live a much happier life.  Please Leave your comments.


22 thoughts on “10 Characteristics of a Happy Person

  1. “Being spiritual, they believe in the power of praying, and consider everything is possible and attainable through constant prayer.”

    Does it mean only religious people can be happy?

  2. Hi…

    I consider myself being happy… and I agree with this list except for point n° 10

  3. > and consider everything is possible and attainable through constant prayer.

    Happy people don’t sit on their asses and pray (wishing for good fortune). They go out and try to make things happen.

  4. So true! I promise i will be more patient, will listen to songs[till now i avoided them feeling as a distraction] and be surrounded by more happy people :)

    Thank you so much for this article, this just reminded me of the basis of live, to live. We are here, working hard to live, not living to work. I am going out this evening and will do what i want to.

    Good luck man!

  5. very nice,but one thing we are not go through a single way.so we will face so many tensions.how to avoid those tensions?

  6. I like the notion of – joy – rejoicing. The word “happy” is only a religious word, because it is based on the name of an ancient false god – Hap. For people to question the religiousness of happiness – is an ignorant thing to question.

    Prayer to God and seeking to please Him is often what will bring us pleasure and what we call “joy” or “happiness”. Then we are working cooperatively with God in what He commission us to do, recorded in those first chapters of the bible.

  7. As I was reading through these 10 points I thought “yeah right, this is so true, I am definitely going to subscribe to this blog!” …
    Then I read the 10th point, banged my head on the table and shouted “Oh no, not another christian extremist!”

    1. This are my thoughts. I got several response against this blog post. But I absolutely stand by my words. If the #10 is what made you all pissed off or offended anyone I apologies for that. But my stand won’t change.

  8. Have you ever though that it might be dangerous to phrase things in such absolute terms?? Happy people ARE… just sounds like it’s limiting people from finding what makes them happy. Oh yeah and throwing in that part about praying is really going to turn away a large audience (myself included).

    1. I am not scared to phrase i didn’t make any mistake. I stick to my words. Still believe in praying is also helps you in your happiness.

  9. Awesome start! Love who you are and run with it.
    Repoly To vidyasagar. Learn to change your reaction to the tensions that are inevitable and necessary to grow to your full potential. “It’s not the action that counts, it’s your reaction”. Nothing happens by chance and every stumbling block along the way contains a valuable lesson. Trust God, Trust Your Heart!

  10. Awesome happy little article. Thank you. The more messages that get out into the world like this one, the more inspired people will be, and the more our planet will become a happier place. Heaven on Earth? Yes! Heaven on earth, here we come!

  11. Happy people are always ready to forgive themselves, and don’t beat themselves up for unavoidable mistakes. Being spiritual, they believe in the power of praying, and consider everything is possible and attainable through constant prayer.

    So true, I made mistakes but hey! I forgive myself and I’m happier now and I’m trying to be a better person now.

  12. For me, happiness is having a loving Creator who gave his son for those who want salvation, and therefore having the Kingdom to look forward to. He can be prayed to, and listens to those who truly want him. At least the hope he gives us provides a wonderful focus which far outweighs the negativity humankind is throwing at us, including all the proactive god-haters who seem to be going out of their way to persecute Christians.

    With the credit crunch leading and global recession, along with fear of terror and an environment apparently on the brink; most folk out there seem to be more miserable than ever. This is hardly surprising if our god is our paycheck, and the only hope is in the here and now.

    Only true peace and joy can be achieved by striving to manifest the beautiful, kind, caring and loving characteristics of Christ, rather than the devil which is simply following fleshly human leanings which has led humanity into the state it is in now. This joy comes from a knowledge that providing we at least try, our lack has already been made up by God’s Son, and we have something wonderful to look forward to with a restored Earth, cleansed of wicked human domination, where “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Yahweh, as the waters cover the sea.”

  13. I believe that people with these characteristics are happier than others and that happy people are more grateful. I recently read a happiness FAQ by Med Yones, a happiness expert, where both the unhappy and happy characteristics are described. It states “Happy people are not concerned whether life is fair or not, they want to make the best of it”. See the FAQ at http://www.lifehappiness.org/lifehappinesscoachingfaq/index.htm

  14. It is always great to be reminded of what types of characteristics lead to happiness. A nice share that is limitless in possibilities for the open minded and giving way to reflections and expressiveness to the pondering thinkers. I love It! Thank You for sharing.

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